7am - 11am  

Toasted fruit bread, butter 7.5

Seasonal Queensland fruit, Queensland honey, quinoa, lime, soft herbs v, gf, df 10.0

Our toasted granola, cocoa nibs, pepita seeds, fresh berries, coyo coconut yoghurt v, df 10.0

Porridge, roasted pears, raspberries, candied walnuts, honey 12.5

Olio whole shebang: scrambled eggs, bacon, flat mushroom, roasted vine tomatoes, sausage, avocado, toasted sourdough 19.0

Scrambled eggs with toasted sourdough 14.5

Olio breakfast wrap: bacon, scrambled eggs, manchego cheese, capsicum, jam 14.0

The Vego: Lebanese spiced mix of mushroom, zucchini, walnut, hummus, sumac with labneh on toasted Turkish sourdough v 15.5

Smashed avocado, fetta, tomato, dukkah, toasted sourdough v, 14.5

Buttermilk waffles, strawberry, ice cream, fresh berries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, 14.0


Breakfast Sides

Roasted tomato | flat mushrooms | bacon | chorizo | baked beans | Italian pork sausage | avocado 4.0 

Smoked salmon 4.5 | sourdough 6.0


11.30am - 3pm

Gremolata lamb, flat bread, pearl barley, hummus, labneh, fresh herbs 20.0

Grilled chicken poke bowl, sushi rice, charred corn, avocado, red cabbage, edamame, toasted almonds df, gf 21.0

House smoked salmon, fennel and apple salad, roasted beetroot, horseradish crème fraiche, gf 20.00

Olio steak sandwich, tomato, bacon, red onion, watercress, mayonnaise, tomato relish, fries 19.5


Small plates

Marinated olives v, gf, df 8.0

Sourdough bread, cultured butter 7.0

Korean spiced crumbed cauliflower, coriander, jalapeno mayonnaise v, df 14.00

Olio charcuterie board, cured meats, marinated olives, chutney, bruschetta 22.0

Mixed leaf salad, house dressing v, gf, df 8.0

French fries, chipotle mayonnaise 8.0

Roasted butternut squash, chickpeas, tahini v, gf 8.0

Pan seared Brussels sprouts, shallots, lardons gf 8.0 


11.30am - 9pm

Lamb shank, creamed polenta, green beans, lardons, confit garlic 32.0

Market fish, warm new potato salad, chorizo, dried tomato, olives, rocket gf 34.0

Linguine alla puttanesca, tomato, anchovies, olives, garlic, capers, chorizo, smoked eggplant 24.0

Cape Grim grass fed eye fillet, carrot and orange puree, caramelised shallot, parsnip croquette 34.0

Mixed mushroom risotto, asparagus, truffle pecorino, watercress 28.0



Chocolate fondant, salted caramel sauce, berry compote 14.0

Peanut butter parfait, hazelnut dacquoise, warm chocolate fudge sauce gf 14.0

Farmhouse cheese selection with accompaniments 18.0


Main & Dessert with free parking  39.0


One bill per table | v: vegetarian gf: gluten free df: dairy free

The kitchen is closed from 3pm-5pm, sandwiches and salads available from the counter

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